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An Idea from Family

You may be wondering...hmm how did Superpower Events start? The idea originated from my loving family. Walking into the house one day, my father asked, "How about you start your own ‚Äčevent-planning know, since you're so good at it?" I laughed and said, "Sure, maybe one day." A week later, my sister called and asked me the same question. At that moment, I knew my sister's phone call was Divine Confirmation.

A Superpower Greater Than Myself

Through my journey of discovering my own superpowers, I have discovered that a Higher Power works through me. I can do nothing on my own. Through Him, I am able to wake up every day with greater appreciation of my purpose. My Heavenly Father gives me the superpower to achieve all of my enriching success. I am overjoyed that I have the pleasure to assist you in this blissful season of your life. Every moment is special. Even though we cannot relive special moments in our lives, we can all praise and thank the Marvelous Superpower that gives us life to experience them.

Experience Your Own Power

Superpower Events is dedicated to providing rewarding service. Every moment of our extraordinary journey together is about serving you and your needs.

With my assistance, an ordinary event will be transformed into a powerful masterpiece. You will be able to touch into a superpower that will make your occasion remarkable. Choose Superpower Events.

"Together, we have plenty superpower."